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Why Businesses Choose to Make Funny Commercials?

by Oct 28, 2019Main

Have you noticed that most product commercials you see on tv, on the internet, or even hear on the radio try to make it funny? Companies are making the funniest commercials possible to attract customers and future clients using humor. The reason behind funny commercials is the power of engagement, laughter is better than frowning or sad commercials. Engaging clients with laughter and comedy makes it easier to create leads for sales.

The Message

Funny commercials are seen on any type of media advertising and are being used all over the world with positive results. As a business owner and entrepreneur, using comedy and humor for advertising gives you leverage on sales, the funnier and engaging your commercial is, the better flow of customers will come. Sending a message through an advertisement should have the following traits.

  • Stands out from the rest
  • Different in ways that no other commercial has ever done
  • Effectively introduces who you are as a brand
  • With a funny twist

Companies and businesses everywhere also want to be always in the trend, wanted to be noticed and be never forgotten. That is why they constantly make new commercials to show that they exist, that they have a great product or services, and even show that that they are a worthy organization for consumers who wanted to have quality products and care.

Over the years, there are exceptional funny commercials that will be remembered made by old and successful companies that still exist today such as shoe companies such as NIKE, chocolates like M&Ms, deodorants such as Old Spice that are very much still in the industry and competing with other businesses who wanted to level with them. So many businesses are copying or imitating other advertisements over the years, in a way they succeed but is it not better to have an original commercial of your own without copying other ads?

Being funny can be done in many ways, just make sure that you have your own style, your own brand that reflects who you are as a business, ways that would be remembered even after long years in the industry. By doing so, your company will flourish, will be known across the globe and will eventually be successful in the long run.

Use the Internet

Nowadays, the internet is the most preferred choice of advertisers, why not TV? Well, tv commercials are still there, but did you know that today, there are more internet users than of tv viewers? If you say I’m lying, why not try standing in the middle of a busy street, in the park, in the restaurant, or anywhere public, you will surely notice that most of the people that you will see are holding a smartphone and using the internet… Believe me now??

Now, for businesses and companies who want to be noticed, ads are the best choice, and what better medium to use is the internet. Millions of people every day are browsing the internet looking for something to buy, something useful in their lives, something that could make their lives easier. Once you have decided to make a commercial on the internet, make sure it’s funny, and make sure that it will make their hearts laugh. That way, in an unconscious manner, you are attracting them to buy your product, you are making them notice your product or services, and you are letting them know that you exist.

The number of internet users is continuously growing year by year, we are in a digital age, where people are constantly on their computers, laptops, smartphones, and different types of gadgets. You must take advantage of the power of the internet which stretches on a global scale.


Consistent commercials for your business is a great factor on growth and profitability, the more commercials and advertisements you have, the more leads you can achieve. The funniest commercials that have been shown on tv and on the internet were the most successful in attracting customers because the commercial sticks to their minds, thinking of the ad makes them smile and laugh.

Certain companies who succeeded in their chosen industry consistently creates commercials, they don’t just advertise and show their product on tv, they make a statement, constantly keeping up with the trend, with what’s new, with what people like, what people would want.

The funniest commercials ever made through the years when seen on tv were created to make an impact for customers, make the ad stick to your mind like a computer that stores data. Happy thoughts are better than sad memories that is why successful organizations continue to make funny commercials again and again. Ever heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine”? Undeniably true!

Humor keeps horrible memories aside, and no one wants to see a commercial or an advertisement that is horribly sad. However, some businesses tend to create ads that would pinch the heart, not really sad commercials, but of those that are a bit heart-warming, it works though, but comedy might be better to start off with, that is, if you are a startup business and would want to be noticed immediately.

Be Original

When doing commercials, make sure that the ad is not just funny, that there is relative information for your product and how consumers can benefit from them. You can get the attention of customers by creating something new, something that they have never seen before. But if you have already exhausted all ideas on making a new funny commercial, you can get ideas from trending topics and making them better. However, having an original one is always recommended.

Now that you have an idea why businesses choose to make funny commercials, you may want to start creating your own advertisement which is funny, relevant, and informative. As a startup business, the funniest commercial concept is best to have a representation of your company. For old companies and businesses who wanted to do better, try humor and comedy for your ads, make customers laugh, make them smile, and you will surely have profitable margins.