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TV Advertising

by Mar 23, 2020Main

TV advertising can do your small business a world of good in hard times!

Many small business owners are poring over their expense sheets these days, trying to see where they might make cuts to keep them in the black. If you have a small business in a local market, you may be surprised to learn that TV advertising on your local television station can increase your business and, thus, profits. Too often, TV advertising seems like a good place to substantially reduce your operating costs in a single stroke. If you are not currently using the TV advertising vehicle in your marketing efforts, this may be the best time to start. At first glance, perhaps this doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Let’s see why this can be a good move for you.

T he tradition of sitting through a barrage of ads in exchange for being entertained began with radio, flourished with the arrival of television and followed the mass migration online.


Let’s say your business manufactures stone facades, for use in commercial construction. The construction industry is currently in a slump and your sales have suffered. Your business is experiencing a reduction in orders from contractors. Here’s the important point: your local competitors are in the same boat. Like most business people, they too are tempted to cut their television ad campaigns, eliminating what seems to be a sizable expense bearing little return. If all of your competitors embrace this mindset and you hang in there, or begin advertising, the local contractors will see your ads, to the exclusion of your competitors. The result? Your company becomes the name that comes to mind when potential customers have a need, leaving your competitors forgotten.

Another advantage of an aggressive TV advertising campaign is that the television stations are also now hungry for advertisers and are now offering more attractive rates and incentives to businesses to advertise with them. They, too, need the revenue. For example, your local television station may throw in some significant perks with your order, such as conducting demographic analyses, tailored to your business, making for the most effective TV advertising spots you can buy. All it takes is a few calls to each of your local TV stations to find the best deal.

With various perspectives on your market, gleaned from the free analyses provided by the TV station, you can decide which style of promotions will bring you the best return on your investment in the TV advertising spots you purchase. For example, you might want to offer special discounts off wholesale prices to contractors, while offering 10% discounts off retail prices to individual homeowners with specialized needs, such as fireplace facades, garden edging walls or stone pavers, allowing you to reach new markets. A well planned TV advertising campaign puts you in the catbird seat in your field. When people think of your product, they’ll think of you!

Instead of finding yourself going further and further into the red, like your less savvy competitors, you might well enjoy an increase in sales, with your company leading the pack. TV advertising can be a powerful marketing tool, particularly for the small business which relies on local customers.