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Pop Up Blockers

by Dec 28, 2019Main

There is one thing that I have on my computer that I am eternally grateful to have. Before I had pop up blockers on my computer, I would sometimes stumble upon a site that had so many pop ups that my computer would freeze and would have to be rebooted. This is always bad news, and would make me quit angry. Usually when this happened I was doing research for an article and I would lose everything I had written if I had no saved. Pop ups taught me to save my work more frequently, but that doesn’t mean I want to deal with them either.

Advertisements are a necessary evil in order to keep many websites free to access, with income instead provided by external partnerships. 


You can find a lot of pop up blockers out there, and many of them are free. I have two on my computer, and they both came with free toolbars that I use on a regular basis. If you want to get pop up blockers this way, just make sure you are only excepting downloads from sources you trust and that you read through the terms of use to find out if they are tracking your internet activities as a result of you downloading the toolbar. They do work well with the pop ups though, and as long as you trust the source, I encourage you to get them this way.

Even the fastest computers can get bogged down with pop ups, and if you wander on to the wrong site, you might be a bit shocked at what you see in the ads presented to you. It is especially important to have pop up blockers on your computer if you have children. If they go on to a site that has rather nasty pop ups, this is not something you want your children to see. Even if the site has nothing to do with porn activities, you might get porn pop ups anyway. Don’t take a chance.

You can also buy pop up blockers but I have never found the need to do so. The free ones that I have on my computer work 99% of the time. This is good enough for me, and I am pleased with how well they operate. Those who produce these ads are always looking for ways to get around pop up blockers so make sure you look for updates for your blockers if there are any available. That is the best way to keep one step ahead of the ads that may disable or shut down your computer.