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Need a Brochure for your Small Business? Online Brochure Design is an Affordable, Quality Solution

by Apr 8, 2020Main

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Brochures can be a great promotional tool for your small business. Having them done at your local printer can be costly and you may be reluctant to invest so much money from your advertising budget, fearing it won’t bring results that make the venture worthwhile. Now, there’s online brochure design services available, with thousands of free templates from which you can design your own brochure, thus saving the cost of a graphic designer’s services. You only pay for the printing. This new method of creating brochures carries little risk in terms of your ROI.

Here’s how this process works. You choose an online brochure design website you find which offers services and terms that work for you and your advertising budget. Be sure to read through their terms and conditions, so that you know just what you’re paying for and what to expect of the finished product.

Before jumping in to your online brochure design, you’ll need to make some basic preliminary choices. Your background work includes deciding on the size and format which will be most appealing to your target market. Font size, layout and color choices should be considered to most closely match your audience.

For example, if your business offers assisted living for seniors, you’ll want to be sure that the font you choose can be easily read by older folks. If you sell fine jewelry, a more dramatic color scheme presents your jewelry in an elegant way that bespeaks quality. If you own a resort, with boating, fishing and outdoor activities, you can bring that brochure to vivid life with colors that emphasize that lakeside feel, with photos of happy boaters, wildlife, rustic cabins, decks and the clubhouse or lodge. The idea is to draw your reader into the brochure and make them want to be there.

Fonts with serifs, such as Times New Roman or Bookman Old Style make for easy reading.

As for layout, you’ve got thousands of design templates to choose from at your chosen online brochure design website. It’s easy to find one that suits your purpose best.

A trifold brochure is one of the better choices, if it’s suitable to your businesses’ products or service. The trifold is easily held and the reader can easily read each page, building a sense of suspense that makes them want to turn the page. You’ll also save money on paper, as it’s printed on both sides.

The cover of the brochure should be a real eye catcher – it’s the first page your reader sees. For the resort business, a large photo, with a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding mountains, placed in the top two-thirds of the page will elicit those ‘Oh, how lovely!’ type of responses. The lower third of your online brochure design should contain your main message. “Come join us in our little piece of paradise, for a week, a month … where hundreds of satisfied families return year after year! We have a number of attractive and affordable special packages. Read the details on the following pages!” This portion of your online brochure design is the ‘hook’, what impresses your reader and makes them read on.

Inside, include a photo relevant to each package deal. Include a header in a slightly larger font which summarizes the deal. ‘Fisherman’s Delight’, ‘Family Fun’, and so on. Be concise in the text which follows the header and include pricing details.

The back page should include your company’s contact information, including website, email, phone and a small map, as appropriate.

Online brochure design is fun and can bring you a lot of new business. You might also consider offering a downloadable version on your website, just as you would a newsletter, placing the offer on each page of your site. Your results may spur you on to create more online brochure designs and more business coming your way!