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Making The Most Of Your Yellow Phone Pages Ads

by Mar 12, 2020Main

When you have a small business, there are many things of which you have to think. However, there is one that most do not put enough time into, and could mean the end of their run. You have to have the right inventory, the right store layout, and a look that can draw in customers, but they are not going to know you are there if you do not do some heavy advertising. One great way to get noticed is to have a good yellow phone pages advertisement that tells the whole story about your business.

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You can simple by listed in the yellow pages and then forget about it. You can be found by some this way, but you may just be another name on the list to some. They are going to go with the company that sounds familiar to them if this is the case. There is an exception to this, and that is what you want to cash in on. Those that see yellow phone pages ads are more likely to try out someone new, especially if you put enough information in there so that they are not guessing if you are the right match for what they need or not.

Obviously, you want to have the name of your business as a prominent part of your yellow phone pages advertisement. You want to have a font that is easy to read and that will not cause any type of confusion. You also might consider having a logo included with your yellow phone pages ad, as this is something that people can related to your specific business once they have been there just one time. They can recognize that logo without thinking about it, and that will draw their eyes to your ad when they flip through to the proper category.

You must list what you do and what you have to offer in a very specific manner in your yellow phone pages advertisement. What that means if finding the shortest and simplest way to state what you want your customers to know about you so that they get the right message. For example, “We offer amazing savings on brand name tires. We specialize in your safety on the road,” can send out a great message if that is what you have to offer. Your yellow phone pages should tell your potential customer that – without a doubt – you have what they need.

To fill out the rest of your yellow page phone ad, you have to have a way for people to find and reach you with ease. That might mean a small map with a star on your location, a phone number, email address, physical location address, or even a web address. You should also make sure that the main form of communication from all of those is prominently displayed in the yellow phone pages ad. That might mean putting the phone number in bold lettering and having it listed right under the name of your business.