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Advertising Agencies

by Dec 9, 2019Main

If, as the advertisement claims, advertising is the second oldest profession in the world, the writer claims that like the first, the practitioners are known for their performance! Which is why all business nowadays, whether they are small or big, use advertising agencies to promote and sell their products. And while most of us may not know about advertising agencies themselves unless we happen to work in the field, all of us are hooked on to their work in newspapers, magazines, the television and even the web.

How do agencies differentiate in an increasingly crowded landscape? They need to remember agency selection is still a people-to-people business.


I’ve had the good fortune of working in several ad agencies. I first joined an advertising agency as a copywriter – or a person who actually writes the advertisements you see and read. While my first advertising agency was a relatively unknown, small firm, I slow moved on to bigger and better agencies. I remained a copywriter for a while, before I got into other professions. But my days with the advertising agencies that shape the public conscience continue to hold pride of place in my heart!

But what is it that advertising agencies really do? For one thing, they help the client spread the word about his product or service. Right from the breakfast cereal you eat in the morning to the dish washing liquid you use, to the clothes you buy and even the car you drive are all products of advertising. It is the advertising that made you pick a Mazda say over a Toyota. Or a GAP T-shirt over any other brand. Or even fill your gas at a Shell Gas station over a Chevron gas station. Advertising is not only a way for the companies behind the products to sell you stuff, it is also a service that helps you choose what is best for you, or what defines your lifestyle. And as a business, it is a multi billion dollar business! With buyers, sellers and other players in all countries all over the globe.

Nearly all the big players among advertising agencies are a part of a global conglomeration of advertising agencies. If you check out the association of accredited advertising agencies of America online, you will find that the names behind household brands are all advertising agencies that belong to the big five. The WPP Group is probably the most well known advertising agency. It would not be right to call it a single advertising agencies, for like other businesses, there are umber of little advertising agencies that come together under the umbrella brand of a bigger advertising agency.

But several big businesses, due to the volume of money they spend of advertising services, have their own advertising agencies. The Unilever group is probably the best example. As a multi national corporation with a presence in most countries of the world, the Unilever group spends billions annually on advertising. Which is why they have a number of advertising agencies that they own and operate by themselves. But these advertising agencies are not at all different from the scores of other independent ones. For in the end, an advertising agency does the same job of communicating to you and me about the benefits of using one particular product or service over another!