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Advertise On My 16

by Mar 17, 2020Main

One of the hottest trends on the Internet today is blogging. The number of blogs that have been created is mind-boggling. This new world offers a great way to interact with people who have the same interests and likes as you. It also serves as a great networking tool. I discovered this when I decided to advertise on my blog.

I post freelance writing jobs on my blog for other writers. Employers advertise on my site indirectly. This service is greatly appreciated by many of my visitors who are looking for work. Instead of visiting countless web pages, many writers come directly to my blog to see what I advertise on my site.

Targeted advertisements will remain on the platform — and the polarization of the electorate is likely to accelerate


I personally like consistency so I choose to take on steady projects with reliable clients. However, there is something very appealing about the thrill of the chase. I don’t advertise on my site to find work for myself but I do get a kick out of hunting down the offers.

I also like the feedback given from the writers who find work through my blog. I couldn’t imagine having to search for work every day. Well, actually, I can because I do search every day. I just really can’t imagine relying on the search for my livelihood.

Many of the readers who visit the blog leave messages to let me know that they were hired for one project or another. These messages make my day. I’m glad to know that the site is doing some good.

Unfortunately, one of my readers became offended that I use Google advertisements on my site. She wanted to know why I advertise on my blog for profit. Well, the profit is quite small. I have found that writers are not really clickers. I also think that clicking on one or two ads is not a big price for the service I provide.

This brings me to the question about blog etiquette. Many seasoned bloggers become aggravated by the site of advertisements. However, these readers should consider the purpose of the site before passing judgment.

I advertise on my site because it offers a valuable service. The reader has the option of scrolling down past the advertisements if he isn’t happy with them. There is no obligation to click on an ad.

In fact, many of my readers commented that they didn’t notice that I advertise on my blog until the complaint was posted on my site. I’d like to thank that person for complaining. My readers are taking time to give me a few clicks now.