Norton – “Newphoria” (2012)

The minute you get home, you eagerly tear open the box. Plastic wrap is ripped open, sometimes with your teeth. Styrofoam and molded plastic are quickly cast aside (along with the instruction booklet).

And then…there it is. Sitting in your slightly trembling hands. It’s your brand new device. So shiny and sparkly. Thinner and more lightweight than the previous one. It even has that new device smell. The feeling of new is intoxicating. Your head swims with giddiness. This device is filled with such promise. So many possibilities. What CAN’T it do?

This is Newphoria. And it’s happening to millions of people around the world everyday. New models, new OS’. Getting new Stuff is a part of life. But the effects of Newphoria come with risks. Judgment gets cloudy. Caution is thrown to the wind. The newness blinds us into rash behavior. We’re not thinking straight and we forget. And that’s when mistakes happen. We leave ourselves vulnerable to threats like viruses and malware.

When Newphoria strikes, we must use caution. Yes, NEW is the time for excitement. And NEW is the time for fun. But most importantly, NEW is the time to protect what matters.