Vat19: “Das Beer Boot”

Vat19 goes a bit meta with the advert for their “curiously awesome” beer drinking device, the infamous Das Beer Boot.

Playing on the popularity of the most comically large and strangely fitting (footwear pun, anyone?) brew holster this side of the beer stein, Vat19 reserves no ridiculously quintessential German stereotypes in their mock European dance-pop music video. As the song progresses, our faux German pop star takes us through an average 24 hours of his comically proto-German life, consuming more calories in raw sausage, butter, mayonnaise, and 5 Hour Energy than any human should even look at in a week’s time, only to find out that the guy in the video is actually a Vat19 producer looking to impress his colleagues.

We’re not exactly given any unique features to the company’s specific brand of beer boot here, but then again, does there really need to be one?